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November 15th, 2010

Turning Away @ 01:15 pm

Title: Turning Away
Author: daisygirl
Pairing: None, Severus
Rating: G
Word Count: 204
Warning(s): my usual Angsty muse
Summary: Sometimes, sacrifice is something that will hurt everyone involved, but is something that needs to be done.
A/N: Just a quick sketch done for the Severus_Sighs challenge for the opening of the DH part one... I intend to see it as soon as I possibly can, being that my friend ended up working so it won't be the Midnight Premiere.... Oh darn, me, I'm glad I don't have to fight THAT crowd there. LOL

Severus sighed as he saw the few colleagues he had that he could had
once considered friends. He knew he couldn't let his mask fall out of
place, but the fact that he felt like he had a hole in the place where
his heart should have been threatened to crack the mask with every

Who was there to turn to, when the only ones who felt like they knew
you, where the ones you hated most? His fellow death eaters were
either jealous or suspicious of him, despite the fact that he had
brought down the strongest wizard of the century, and for that, he
condemned himself to a world of loneliness.

Severus would hear the whispers of distrust follow him as he left the
hall. He'd protect them by being in good position with the Dark Lord.


They knew they had to band together to keep those of darkness to
protect the light. There were still innocent children under their
care, and they wouldn't forsake the fact that they were the only ones
to stand between them and the darkness that threatened their world.
They'd protect the young ones from even the headmaster of the school
that had fallen to darkness...

April 12th, 2010

(no subject) @ 03:19 am

Stolen from [info]magalud, who I'm sure will admit that it was stolen to begin with. LOL

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